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Glass Blower Owned

Elev8 Glass Gallery

Elev8 Glass Gallery is not your typical head shop. The glass shop was born at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Elev8 offers high end glass by owners Steve Kelnhofer, Becca Steven, Matt Zimmerman and Dave Meusborn, with the owners having over 25 years combined glass experience. The guys work with a crew of 8 blowers to help deliver the glass shop you demand with a selection of quality pipes only blowers can deliver.

Elevated Customer Service

Elev8 Glass Gallery

At Elev8 Glass Gallery we know our top end glass can only be delivered with the best customer service people on the planet. When you come to Elev8 Glass you are greeted with a warm and welcoming hello and smile from our hand picked, highly knowledgeable staff. Our staff can guide you to the best glass, vaporizers and magical pieces of art to fit your budget from large to small.

Colorado Elev8 Lifestyle

Elev8 Glass Gallery

Elev8 Glass Gallery represents the Colorado alternative glass culture like no other. Only Elev8 Glass Gallery represents Colorado with the inhouse brands of Elev8 Glass (pipes), Enjoy (drinking glasses and housewares), Elev8 Live Tribe (clothing line) and Dime Bags (storage bags). Not only were these brands born and raised in Colorado, but so was the founder Steve K. No matter how you enjoy your alternative lifestyle in Colorado, you will be confident and happy you made Elev8 Glass Gallery your head shop of choice.

Only the Best Hand Blown Glass on Earth

Elev8 Glass Shop view 2

Elev8 Glass Gallery is home to the finest brands of glass on earth. Being that the shop is owned and operated by talented glass artists, we have a keen eye for the best of the best. Elev8 is proud to offer, Roor, M & M tech, High Tech

Only the Best Desktop and Portable Vaporizers

Elev8 Glass Gallery

Elev8 Glass Gallery is proud to offer vaporizer machines to deliver the best vapor on earth. By eliminating combustion with a vaporizer you will enjoy your favorite herbs even more. Vaporizers enhance the flavor and extend the active ingredients. At Elev8 you can be educated by our very knowledgeable staff on the benefits of vaporizer while also learning the features and benefits of the top vaporizer brands in the industry like, SIlver Surfer Vaporizer, Da Buddha Vaporizer, Volcano Vaporizer, PAX vaporizer and many more.

Located in downtown Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods view

Elev8 Glass Gallery is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States! If you're a C-Springs stop on by to say hi and check out some of the most amazing glass on earth. If you visiting or plan to visit, make Elev8 Glass Gallery one of your destinations.

Liquid Art Glass Sessions

Liquid Arts Glass Sessions

Elev8 Glass Gallery and Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions are proud to team up with the Elev8 Glass crew and offer a one of a kind experience, only Elev8 can provide. If you ever wanted to play with glass check out our Liquid Arts Glass Sessions. You can learn to make marbles and other neat things with glass, while having one of the best times of your life. Its super fun and you get to take home what you make!