Higher Elevations Repairs:

By using our repair service, you acknowledge that most repairs are taken off site to our main glass facility and that your glass could come back worse condition than it came in. This potential risk is caused by the heating of your glass, as glass can have a lot of stress built up, and heat can cause it to crack or even explode.

There will be a minimum $20 non-refundable inspection fee for your glass to be repaired once seen by a blower. This inspection fee will be applied to fixing your piece once the blower determines the piece may be fixable. There is a $40 additional fee for any dirty piece that has to be cleaned by Higher Elevations.

Fire-polish $10+
Carb Repair $20 limited to special pieces
Busted Bowl $20 limited to special pieces
Broken Pipe
(Bubbler, Horn, Detail)
Any size Joint Repair $60
Neck Repair $60 - $80
Water Filter Base Repair $80 - $100

Additional Notes:

  • • The timeline given may increase based upon the glassblower’s schedule, specific material needs, or varying problems with the repair/custom piece
  • • Our monetary quotes may vary if the piece requires more time than originally quoted or if materials needed increase
  • • After your glass is ready, you have (3) weeks to pick it up or we will apply a $10/week charge for us holding your piece safely
  • • We can only work with borosilicate or Pyrex glass, if you are unsure of what kind of glass you have you can email us a photo or bring it into the store and we'll let you know.
  • • If you have a smoking pipe or water filter/pipe that needs repaired, please clean it out 100% to look brand new. We will not take your dirty piece. If you ship us a dirty piece we will have to throw it away. Sorry! We cannot have dirty pieces in our store and we cannot re-ship dirty pieces. Please make sure your glass is 100% clean!
  • • Beware: if there is any residue left in the glass, such as cleaning chemicals, it may be "cooked" on permanently during the repair process. If you have any decals or stickers on your glass there is a chance they will be burnt off or distorted during the repair. There is always also a chance that your glass piece will shatter during any repair, we will notify you if the chance is higher than usual, but you should be aware of the possibility that your piece may not survive. There is also a chance hidden cracks will appear and spread during the repair process, which will increase the repair cost and that money will be due at time of pick up. We will notify you by phone if this happens. If the glass piece is sentimental enough that you do not want to risk it you may just want to glue it and stop using it.
  • • The AVERAGE waiting period for a single standard repair brought in locally is 3-6 weeks. But they may be done as quickly as the next day or week. Rare/specialty pieces will take longer if supplies are on order and the wait will be longer if you drop off multiple pieces. Dylan is our only blower that does repairs so we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding when waiting for your piece. If you have a date you would like your repair done by please let us know, we will do our best but cannot make any guarantees or give refunds for failing to meet your deadline. Rush repairs may be possible for additional cost depending on the blowers schedule and your time frame. If we do not have your repair ready by the rush date agreed upon we will return the rush fee. We do not give refunds on repairs.Be assured the wait will be well worth it and that your glass will be repaired with the utmost care, respect and great quality.
  • • Please do not call or come in to check on your repair unless it has been the full 6 week waiting period or if your phone number has changed. If you would really like to reach us about your repair email us at Higherelevationmp@gmail.com. We will call to let you know when your glass is ready for pick up.

Remember: We are a small mom and pop shop and we may have trouble keeping up with emails and shipping. Please know that we are doing our best and by you understanding the repair process, you help us help you!

Higher Elevations LLC is not held liable for ANY breakage, glass cracking beyond initial repair, or any problem caused during the repair or custom glass process. For contractual purposes, the definition of breakage, glass cracking or any problem is: any consequence, problem, error, crack, shatter, destruction, or any other unintentional distress created while trying to repair or create the piece. You will be required to sign a form when leaving your glass piece with Higher Elevations LLC stating that you understand and assume the risks fully.

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