Elev8 Foreign Glass

Our glass made by our foreign artisan glass features incredible complexity such as the intricate diffusers of our water pipes, or the honeycomb flavordisc pipe, made with delightfully clean-looking clear glass that is sure to please!

Water Filters

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  1. Ceramic Flavor Disc

    Ceramic Flavor Disc

    <p>Here we have our brand new Ceramic Flavor Disc which allows you to add flavored glycerin oils for creating a fully custom flavor experience to add to your herbs. The disc is...
  2. Simple FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    Simple FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    This is our basic flavor disc vape, featuring hand blown glass from our highly skilled artisans at Elev8 Glass Gallery.
    Included in this is the simple flavor disc vape and 1...
  3. Billow Straight FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    Billow Straight FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    This is the Billow Straight FlavorDisc Glass Vape, similar in design to the Simple FlavorDisc Glass Vape. This one has multiple pinches down its stem to maximize its use between...
  4. Honeycomb FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    Honeycomb FlavorDisc Glass Vape

    They Honeycomb FlavorDisc Glass Vape is just as mobile as our other versions but this features a honeycomb air pathway. Just like other flavor disc pipes, no torch is required. All can...
  5. Triple Can Bubbler

    Triple Can Bubbler

    Features three fumed bubble chambers and comes in three different styles: Bowl, Ground Glass w/ Removable Bowl and Ground Glass w/ Dome &...
  6. Mystic Switchball Filter

    Mystic Switchball Filter

    This beautiful piece features switch ball work throughout the whole piece, with a matching swirled hook, mushroom marble, an dichro flattened...
  7. Big Fat Diamond Percolator Water Filter

    Big Fat Diamond Percolator Water Filter

    Check out this 19mm natural downstem with an inline Diamond percolator and a BFD...

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