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  1. Solid Glass Dome

    Solid Glass Dome

    Check out this Glass Dome that comes in a variety of...
  2. Domeless Quartz Nail

    Domeless Quartz Nail

    This is a domeless quartz nail that comes in 10, 14, and 19mm and can be used with any water pipe of the same size....
  3. 10mm Female Ceramic Domeless Nail

    10mm Female Ceramic Domeless Nail

    This is a ceramic 10mm female domeless nail. Made of durable ceramic material that retains heat long than quartz....
  4. Titanium Concentrate Tool

    Titanium Concentrate Tool

    Here we have a titanium tool that has a stir tip on one end and a small scoop on the...
  5. Universal Ceramic Domeless Nail

    Universal Ceramic Domeless Nail

    Check out this sweet universal ceramic domeless nail. The end can unscrew to be used with either 14mm male/female or 19mm...
  6. Simple Frit Domes

    Simple Frit Domes

    Check out these female simple frit domes that come in 14mm and 19mm. These come in a variety of randomized...
  7. Double Sided Titanium Nail

    Double Sided Titanium Nail

    The double sided titanium nail is not only adjustable, it's universal!! This nail has a 14mm and 19mm dish with 2 nuts that can be adjusted for ease of use. This nail is made of a high...
  8. Titanium Carbed Cap with Pick

    Titanium Carbed Cap with Pick

    Check out this bad ass titanium carbed cap with detachable pick. This is used to snuff a heated nail....
  9. Male Quartz Banger Nail

    Male Quartz Banger Nail

    Check out this male quartz nail drum adapter. This nail does not require a dome and allows for a larger amount of concentrate. Comes in 14mm male and 19mm...
  10. Adjustable Titanium Nail

    Adjustable Titanium Nail

    The adjustable titanium nail comes in either 10mm ,14mm, and 19mm. This allows the user to change the height of the nail for easier access and diversity with different water filter...

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total  

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