Elev8 believes that carrying around your necessities shouldn't be a hassle. Our high-quality storage devices bring form and function together for amazing utility like our smell-proof hidden pocketed dime bags, UV protective jars, and ryot shaker boxes with a built in mesh for filtering out your pollen crystals.

Dime Bags

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  1. Huny Bucket

    Huny Bucket

    <h2 dir="ltr"><span><br /></span></h2>
    <h2 dir="ltr"><span>The Future of Concentrate Storage Containers is...
  2. Large Colored Glass Jars

    Large Colored Glass Jars

    <p><span style="font-size: small;">Check out these awesome colored jars equipped with a unique label. These large jars are 8 fl oz.. We use colored jars to offer...
  3. Dime Bags Wallet

    Dime Bags Wallet

    Check out this bad-ass Dime Bag wallet. This wallet is 5" x 3.5" and has a tri-fold design with velcro closure. This wallet also has 2 zipper pockets to keep your change and...
  4. Colored Ground Glass Jars

    Colored Ground Glass Jars

    This is the newest addition to our jar line, we now offer ground glass tops on our jars for those looking for something a little different. Made from super-durable borosilicate glass,...
  5. Super Surfer Storage Bag

    Super Surfer Storage Bag

    Our classic SSV bag redesigned to fit all the fittings and pieces for your Super Surfer! All new Super Surfer Vaporizers come with a storage...
  6. Duff Jar

    Duff Jar

    <p>This is a sort of ashtray made especially for your spent herb after the essential oils have been removed from vaporizing (or "duff"). Comes with a metal clip for the...
  7. Dime Bags "Transit" Bag

    Dime Bags "Transit" Bag

    The exterior of the Transit style Handbag features two storage compartments. The front storage spot is nice and roomy and is large enough for a cell phone and a set of keys or whatever...
  8. SideKick Vaporizer Storage Bag

    SideKick Vaporizer Storage Bag

    <p>Here is the super sweet hand crafted Chambray embroidered storage bag made for the SideKick Vaporizer®! The SideKick fits in the center of the bag perfectly,...
  9. Dime Bags Backpack

    Dime Bags Backpack

    <p>This back pack is awesome for the person on the go! Lots of storage and pockets. Room for all your books. Made with the super durable Hempster!</p>

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9 Item(s)