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  1. Sick Clips

    Sick Clips

    Here we have a new and improved way to keep your ground glass joints from separating during use. These clips are durable and keep a tight connection without damaging or scratching your...
  2. Replacement Mouthpiece

    Replacement Mouthpiece

    <p>Here are the standard, clear replacement...
  3. Aluminum Knob

    Aluminum Knob

    This is the standard aluminum knob for all new LSV and Da Buddha...
  4. Switchball Mouthpiece

    Switchball Mouthpiece

    Switchball Mouthpiece, the different color combos are called "Summer Mist", "Jail Bird", "Merlin the Great", and...
  5. DBV Glass Aroma Top

    DBV Glass Aroma Top

    <p>Check out the Glass Aroma Top for the Da Buddha. These things are super heavy and thick, and they fit perfectly on the Da Buddha® Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle....
  6. DBV Ground Glass Wand

    DBV Ground Glass Wand

    <p>This is our ground glass wand which is used to make the Da Buddha™ Herbal Vaporizer hands free!...
  7. Custom Balloon Mouthpiece

    Custom Balloon Mouthpiece

    These are custom, hand blown mouthpieces for the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, USA made in Colorado Springs by our own glass...
  8. DBV Base

    DBV Base

    The replacement base for our Da Buddha...
  9. DBV Replacement Heater Cover

    DBV Replacement Heater Cover

    Here is the replacement ground glass heater cover that makes the Da Buddha hands free!
  10. Simple Glass Knob

    Simple Glass Knob

    Here are our replacement knobs for your SSV! These are all custom made and similar to the one you received on your unit at purchase! Most of these have a number of colors, but you can...

Grid List

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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total  

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