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  1. SideKick Replacement Battery Caps

    SideKick Replacement Battery Caps

    <p>Protect your battery charge with our non-conductive rubber battery caps. They prevent power discharge when not in use so you keep a full charge for vaping on the...
  2. SideKick Replacement Screwdriver

    SideKick Replacement Screwdriver

    The standard replacement screwdriver for the SideKick Portable Vaporizer....
  3. SideKick Replacement Pinch / Scoop

    SideKick Replacement Pinch / Scoop

    Replacement tongs for the SideKick Portable...
  4. SideKick Replacement Mouthpiece

    SideKick Replacement Mouthpiece

    Hand blown in Colorado Springs this is the replacement mouthpiece for the SideKick...
  5. SideKick Replacement 18350 Batteries

    SideKick Replacement 18350 Batteries

    <p>Sets of 18350 batteries for your SideKick Vaporizer.</p>
    <p><span style="color: #ff0000; font-size: small;">*Due to current shipping...
  6. SideKick Replacement Screen Assembly

    SideKick Replacement Screen Assembly

    This includes a screen, the stir tool, and the screw for installing...
  7. SideKick Oil Can and Silicon Lid

    SideKick Oil Can and Silicon Lid

    Titanium base with the silicon lid and ceramic FlavorDisc transforms your SideKick into the perfect portable unit for enjoying your concentrates. This is the standard Oil Can, Silicon...
  8. Custom SideKick Mouthpieces

    Custom SideKick Mouthpieces

    <p>You asked for the best portable vaporizer, and we listened, and from that came the SideKick. Now coming from our Elev8 glass blowers, are our new custom mouthpieces! Being...
  9. SideKick Angled Mouthpiece

    SideKick Angled Mouthpiece

    <p>These awesome new angled mouthpieces for our SideKick come in two different angles so you can pair them with your own rigs, water cooling pieces, and other...
  10. SideKick Replacement Charger

    SideKick Replacement Charger

    This is the same charger that comes standard with all standard SideKicks. The Charger does not come with batteries...

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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total  

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